They will come

At the start of winter, I decided to hang bird feeders to try to attract bird life to the garden. I got some fat balls and some seed for my seed feeder, and hung them out expectantly. Nothing happened. Day after day, they remained untouched. “They will come”, my Dad said to me, as my aunt had once said to him. “Just wait, and they will come”.

And a week later, they came. In their dozens. Within days it seemed like I was feeding every garden bird in the Tarn-et-Garonne. Word had obviously got around!

Now I find it hard to keep up with demand, especially as peanuts seem quite hard to come by in France. Here are some of my regulars:

Great spotted woodpeckers



Great tits




Nuthatch 1Nuthatch 2


Blue tits

Blue tit 1Blue tit 2


And the ground feeders:








Robin 2DSCN0905





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