Meet my garden!

We have been reunited with our belongings from storage, and have made a start on the unpacking, so I’ve now had a chance to start to explore my garden. A bit on the overgrown side, but actually with more going on than I realised in terms of plants. Here are a few pictures to introduce you.

A large area of lawn that would easily revert to wildflower meadow if left to its own devices. I have found meadow sage, thyme, common restharrow, bird’s foot trefoil, cut-leaved selfheal, mullein and mallow an all flowering away in it, to name but a few:

Lawn 1Lawn 2

A few fruit and other trees, in varying states of health:Fruit trees etcA shady corner that may become ‘hammock corner’. Not sure what has caused the big bare patches of soil:Hammock corner


My vegetable patch – a little overgrown! :


A shady terrace covered with vines:Shady front terrace

Some tucked away sheds:

A few plants outgrowing their spaces:

A climbing rose that’s more ‘dead’ than ‘red’:

Dead red rose

A surprise in a woodland clearing:

Horse sculpture

And a few nice and interesting plants:

I look forward to showing you how things develop!




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