Ballerina blossoms

As the first hedgerows started to show signs of greening up in early April, I was struck by sections of hedging unfolding the most beautiful soft, fresh green leaves, followed by large, upward-pointing pink buds. As the flowers started to open, I was able to identify them as quince trees (Cydonia oblonga), some of them growing to four metres or more, although the hedge cutting machine has been along and made them grow more like espaliers in places.

The more the blossoms open, the more striking the sight due to the size and number of the soft pink cup shaped flowers. They remind me of something a ballerina might wear.

Quince flower close up

Quince flower (Cydonia oblonga)

This is something I would love to have in my future garden. I must look up how easily, and how quickly, they grow from cuttings.

Quince blossoms