Welcome to my blog! Read on to share with me the excitement of taking on a new garden in a new country.

I actually started this blog in the springtime, 2017, before we owned our house in France. I was lucky enough to spend a few months in the area, initially house-hunting and subsequently doing all the necessary research, paperwork and administrative tasks associated with purchasing a property over here. My pied-à-terre was a small gite in a sleepy hamlet in the Tarn countryside, not too many miles away from where we are now. I was fascinated to see all the wildflowers appearing in the verges and hedgerows from February onwards, and began identifying and recording what I found. You can see the results on my ‘Wildflowers’ page, which I will continue to add to.

Wildflower meadow

Wildflower meadow

I was also being as nosy as I could to see what was growing in people’s gardens, although in the rural areas where farming communities prevail, there is often little in the way of what we English would think of as a garden (ie. a manicured, well-tended space where weeds are discouraged). However, the abundance of ‘wild’ flowers, shrubs and trees – from purple irises and euphorbia, to quince and lilac trees – that seem to grow wherever they feel happy, has made me begin to reconsider my idea of ‘gardening’. It will be interesting to see how my new garden develops….


A garden – hiding a house!